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Why chose working with DEDENROTH?

Choosing an agency is very much about trust. We are not the most prominent company working in the field of recruitment in the Nordics. – And it is not a goal for us to be so. Our goal is to continue to deliver personal, dedicated, and professional service to our clients. That also includes the possibility of staying agile and flexible. All companies are different, and so is the need for customizing the recruitment process. That possibility is one of the things we can deliver. Another reason to chose us is, of course, our vast experience with the “art” of recruitment. That includes the ability to understanding our client’s needs, project management in regards to driving the process forward, the ability to identifying the best candidates, attracting them, and of course, qualifying them. Of course, we are very willing to inform you about reference persons you can contact and/or to tell you more thoroughly about the process, experience from previous assignments, etc.

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