The process

Dedenroth Consulting


We don’t only have one process to offer. Or two. Or three. We ALWAYS customize the process to the actual company and assignment. Of course, some elements will always be part of the recruitment process. For example:

  • An initial meeting where we can align about the expectations to the process and go through all the requirements to your new employee etc.
  • A search strategy where we identify all the places where to find the most relevant candidates.
  • The qualifications of the identified candidates. – This is typically via in depth interviews but also by using tools as personal profiles, cases etc. That depends on the role and the requirements.


For everybody working with recruitment, personal skills and experience are essential. So is, of course, the methods used to, for example identifying the best matching candidates for a given position but also to avoid being biased. Thus, using the right echniques and best tools is essential in the entire process. Many things have happened in the past couple of years in the area of recruitment. For the possibility of using AI and different “smart” tools for personal analysis, having a digital assistant, etc. is obvious. So it is to be able to make, for example, video presentations, etc. to clients when that is relevant (for example, when recruiting across boarders and/or when a personal introduction is suitable early in the process). At DEDENROTH, we are always observant of new technologies relevant to our area, and we are not afraid of testing new stuff. However, we are also critical when doing this and are not implementing anything if it doesn’t add value to our clients. Over and over again, we see that the personal dialogue and sparring with the candidates is essential so that is one thing we will always prioritize even we take new technological tools in use.

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