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How will technology influence the future of work? – Many experts are talking about this, and the answers are quite different depending on who you ask. We have interviewed a row of experienced leaders, future scientists, technology experts, etc. and is currently doing some studies about the topic. Our focus is not on the societal consequences but on how the changes will influence the single employee within different areas. With a more profound knowledge about future possibilities and challenges, the individual employer and employee can become ready for the future and industry 4.0.

Technical development is, of course, not a new thing, but currently, the changes are happening in a speed we have never seen before. Therefor functional areas and whole businesses are already changing. Most scientists believe that the changes will create more jobs than it will take. That is backed up by history. However, requirements will change, and so will, of course, the future tasks for human beings. We need to be ready for this, and that requires determined efforts.

We are currently studying different professions/areas within life science to understand how they will probably look in the future. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any interest in 


Below you can hear some of Mia Danielsen’s interviews about the topic of how different areas within lifescience, might look in the future:

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