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We offer | DEDENROTH

All we do is about people

We are experts in recruitment and headhunting of scientific and technical specialists. Though we are able to identify and attract candidates who are not actively looking for a job and who are not “searchable”.  To support our experience and knowledge we use some great digital tools that secures even better processes – both for the ones who are hiring and for the candidates. Our many years of experience identifying and qualifying the most relevant and best matching candidates help you to set the best team.

For some companies, we do a full recruitment process while others asks us just to identify, attract and screen the relevant candidates.

Our experiences working in the field of recruitment, attraction and onboarding makes us also able to be your counseling partner within these fields.

Additionally, we offer:


Mapping of specific candidates/


Counseling about recruitment of foreign employees


Counseling about recruitment of millennials


Onboarding process

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